Dental emergency care for adults and children (paid service)

Usually, a toothache begins to torture a person at the worst possible moment, and it is often unbearable.Fast admission of patients with acute toothache in priority to the scheduled waiting line is carried out within 1-2 working days by appointment.

WE WORK ALSO ON WEEKENDS 9am-8pm / 9:00-20:00

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Excellent dental clinic! I needed a root canal treatment that usually requires three visits. I did not have time to stay long in Riga and asked doctor to accomplish the treatment in two visits. She was very accommodating and worked on my tooth for 3 hours in order to finish everything before I travel. Moreover, doctor and her assistant stayed well past the clinic closure time, as I was travelling the next day. I absolutely admire their dedication to work and huge efforts to help their patients. – Inga F.