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Dental hygiene for adults and children (paid service)

Professional oral hygiene is recommended every six months, since it is impossible to remove tartar, pigment and dental plaque in hard-to-reach places on your own.

Our hygienists perform hygiene very carefully and thoroughly using ultrasound, manual tools, professional pastes and brushes and Air Flow. After the procedure, the gums and pockets are treated with an antibacterial liquid and a fluoride gel is applied to the teeth to strengthen the enamel.

The hygienist will select products for home hygiene suitable for you.

Deep fluoride treatment – Tiefenfluorid

Prevention of caries for adults and children.

The teeth are treated with a special preparation Tiefenfluorid. This method allows to close enamel microcracks and prevent the teeth from premature destruction.

Teeth whitening

Is teeth whitening safe? Yes, if the whitening is approved by the dentist or hygienist. There are two methods of professional teeth whitening:

1. In-office Light-Activated Whitening

Our clinic uses the newest Fläsh whitening lamp, with the help of which your teeth will become white and beautiful in just an hour and a half.

Fläsh provides the best whitening effect. Fläsh is a new generation whitening system that uses an improved UV light spectrum lamp that activates the whitening gel so that the teeth are not affected by the heat during the exposure. Fläsh whitening gel is pH neutral and contains calcium, which helps to strengthen teeth while reducing sensitivity.

2. Home whitening with individual mouth trays

We will make individual mouth trays for home whitening which will be filled with a special gel. It is recommended as a self-maintained whitening procedure and to maintain the effect after light-activated whitening. This procedure can only be performed with the permission of a dentist or hygienist.


For Adults

Full oral hygiene (60 min) 75 EUR
Intensive fluoridation with Tiefenfluoride (two jaws) 80 EUR
Consultation about teeth whitening procedure 45 EUR
Whitening tray for one jaw 90 EUR
Fläsh teeth whitening 330 EUR

For Children (up to 12 y.o.)

Full oral hygiene 45 EUR
Fluoridation with Tiefenfluoride (two jaws) 50 EUR

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Our specialists

Jeļena Luzika iDental

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Jeļena Luzika

Hygienist, teeth whitening, fluoride treatment

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Dr.Olga Borisova iDental

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Olga Borisova

Hygienist, teeth whitening, fluoride treatment

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Gunita Circene iDental

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Gunita Circene

Hygienist, teeth whitening, fluoride treatment

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Jana Baranova

Hygienist, teeth whitening, fluoride treatment

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Wonderful staff, attentive doctors and assistants. Special thanks for endurance and patience with such a difficult patient as me. Those who rated the clinic with one star were probably never there. I suppose that everyone who has visited there once is unlikely to want to go to another dental clinic. – Valerija K.